Long-Term Care

If you have a need for long-term care, this can drain your finances quickly. Some of that financial burden can be relieved, however, by getting a long-term care insurance policy.

What Does A Long Term Care Insurance Policy Cover?

If someone needs regular, almost daily, care for at least 90 days a year, a long-term care policy can be used. This often becomes necessary for someone with a chronic or severe disease, as well as for the elderly who may be unable to take care of daily tasks or themselves.

The elderly most often need long-term care. Caregivers may deal with daily activities to allow someone to live at home. This is not just a policy for the elderly. It can also be a choice for those with a mental or physical disability.

Long Term Care Insurance Payouts

The insured pays a monthly premium and then the company covers a significant amount of the long-term care costs. As long as a premium is paid, the costs are paid. In addition, this type of coverage is non-taxable, which saves even more money.

Nursing home, assisted living, and adult daycare can all be covered with this type of insurance. Also, costs for out of pocket expenses, such as co-pays, needles, walkers, and other costs can be covered.

A long-term insurance policy can help cover those expensive medical needs. You only need to determine what type of premium fits in your budget and then choose your level of coverage. Caring for yourself and your loved ones can be expensive, but with long-term care insurance, you can help decrease your financial burden.